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International glass doors and windows exhibition 2016


(source: China Glass Network)



Exhibition name:International glass doors and windows exhibition 2016
Opening date:October 19, 2016 Closing date:October 21, 2016
Exhibition city: Las Vegas Exhibition venue:Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center
Host unit:American Glass Association
Undertaking unit:
Exhibition cycle:Once a year Exhibition type:International Exhibition
Exhibition description:
First, the exhibition introduced: 
Exhibition name:
International glass doors and windows Exhibition(The Glass Build, Window & Door Expo) sponsored by the American Glass Association, founded in 2003, held once a year, this year for the fourteenth time. Each year in Atlanta and Las Vegas rotation. 2016 exhibition will be held at the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition center.
The last exhibition:
2015 exhibition held in Atlanta, the exhibition area of more than 12000 square meters, nearly 400 manufacturers of products to participate in the show. The United States and its neighboring countries, real estate developers, construction and design units, construction dealers and other relevant units of more than 6200 professionals to visit and purchase.
Market overview:
From the point of view of the world, the United States demand row in the forefront of the world, the United States is in the world of glass production and consumption of one of the largest countries, in the past two to three decades, toughened glass sales growth of 15.7%, laminated glass increased by 56.3%, flat glass output rose 44%. Annual consumption of insulating glass up to 80 million square meters, across the insulating glass penetration rate of up to 83%; at the same time, the annual demand growth the fastest but also in South America, Brazil and ring the Pacific, which for the majority of the glass manufacturers is undoubtedly a huge target market. After the 2008 economic, the United States market lasted a few years of economic downturn, but from 2014 exhibition site can see, America's economic recovery has begun, hope that the intention to enter the American market enterprises, continue to participate in the professional exhibition.
Two, exhibits content:
Plastic steel windows and doors, aluminum alloy doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, color plate door and window, wooden doors and windows other different material doors and windows, hardware accessories, accessories, extrusion equipment, assembly equipment, the production of machinery and equipment; all kinds of glass curtain wall, curtain wall products, equipment and other; door and window curtain wall design software and optimization of glass cutting system software; architectural glass, tempered glass, art glass, decorative glass, special glass. Glass production equipment and equipment: automatic control and a variety of supporting systems; refractory materials, raw materials and auxiliary materials, etc.. Glass deep processing equipment, abrasive and abrasive tool, glass tool.
Contact information
Details can be consulted: 0571-89938883.