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Dusseldorf International Glass Technology Exhibition 2016


(source: China Glass Network)



Exhibition name:Dusseldorf International Glass Technology Exhibition 2016
Opening date:September 20, 2016 Closing date:September 23, 2016
Exhibition city: Dusseldorf Exhibition venue:Dusseldorf Exhibition Center
Host unit:Dusseldorf Exhibition Group
Undertaking unit:
Exhibition cycle:Once in two years Exhibition type:International Exhibition
Exhibition description:

Exhibition introduction:


Dusseldorf International Glass Technology Exhibition(Glasstec)Glass industry is the world's first professional exhibition, held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany every two years. Since it was held in 1970, it has been 45 years of history. There is no better platform than this exhibition to showcase innovative products, the latest glass processing technology, new glass forward-looking applications, such as the latest glass science and technology information. The exhibition will not only provide a lot of technical information for visitors, but also meet the demand and supply sides to discuss the occasion, is a very attractive to open the international market channel.


2014 Dusseldorf glass exhibition(Glasstec)Exhibition area of 60428 square meters, from 54 countries (China, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, etc.) and the region's 1217 exhibitors, a total of 43000 professional audience, the proportion of overseas as high as 60%. There is considerable

The number of visitors through the exhibition ordered the glass products and processing equipment or signed a service consulting contract. Beijing to expand International Exhibition Co., Ltd. in 2016 will continue to organize Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition. We sincerely invite you to expand the huge business opportunities.


Exhibits content:


Glass manufacturing and machinery, glass processing, glass industrial equipment, glass products, raw materials, tools, measurement systems, regulation and control technology, consulting, services.


Exhibitors and inspection required to sign up for the allocation of booths and places, welcomed the intention to call detailed consultation!

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