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Twelfth 2016 Brazil South American International Glass Industry Exhibition


(Source China Glass Network)



Exhibition name:Twelfth 2016 Brazil South American International Glass Industry Exhibition
Opening date:June 8, 2016 Closing date:June 11, 2016
Exhibition city: St Paul Brazil Exhibition venue:St Paul BrazilTransamerica expo center
Host unit:Nuremberg exhibition group Brazil branch
Undertaking unit:
Exhibition cycle:Once in two years Exhibition type:International Exhibition
Exhibition description:
Exhibition introduction:
Brazil international glass industry exhibition is sponsored by the Nuremberg exhibition group, one of the largest exhibition companies in the world. Is the largest in South America, and is the only international professional glass exhibition, which has a wide range of exhibitors, the variety of the whole, the number of international glass exhibition has a considerable impact.
Brazil is the largest country in South America, and South American countries of central market, area, population, economic output ranks first in South America, is also the largest construction investment market, occupy the nearly half of the market share in Latin America, have very strong radiation capacity and industrial leadership role on neighboring countries and regions. Therefore, the exhibition will attract a large number of South American regions, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and other countries to negotiate business. Brazil International Glass Industry Exhibition rich exhibition content and perfect exhibition service, will be the development trend of the development trend of the American glass market, technology and information exchange of the best platform. Therefore, to participate in the exhibition will be the Chinese enterprises to unveil the mystery of South America and open the vast potential market for the best bridge.
Exhibition content:
Since the Brazil glass trade unions over the protection of local glass enterprises, Brazil's South American glass exhibition has been limited to international exhibitors, especially the price advantage, quality and technology to protect the Chinese exhibitors. After our many years of unremitting efforts, 2014 the 11th exhibition finally to China glue (butyl glue, hot melt adhesive, sealant, silicone, latex paint, polysulfide, etc.) and EVA film, PVB and refractory materials, glass, window and door hardware accessories, and other a few glass related products enterprises and opening up, our organized some of the best domestic enterprises exhibitors, clients have made very satisfactory trading results.
And because of our excellent exhibition, chairman - Brazil Nuremberg exhibition company authorized our as 2016 China only group units, our will continue to organization in line with meeting the requirements of the Chinese exhibitors, our more secure 2016 exhibition Chairman China excellent glass machinery / equipment exhibition will be accepted.
The exhibition booth is very limited, if the intention to participate in the exhibition, please register as soon as possible.
Review of the last exhibition:
2014 200 exhibitors home, exhibition area of 12000 square meters, 14194 audience, from 9 countries in South America an important buyer groups, 80% of the audience to participate in the company's purchasing decisions, 60% of the audience want to looking for new suppliers in the exhibition.
Contact information
Details can be consulted: 0571-89938883.