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International Glass Industry Exhibition 2016


(source: China Glass Network)



Exhibition name:International Glass Industry Exhibition 2016
Opening date:June 6, 2016 Closing date:June 9, 2016
Exhibition city: Moscow Exhibition venue:Moscow, Russia EXPOCENRE
Host unit:ZAO Exhibition company and Russian Architects Association
Undertaking unit:
Exhibition cycle:Once a year Exhibition type:International Exhibition
Exhibition description:
First, the exhibition:
Moscow glass industry exhibition, started in 1999, held annually. 2015 exhibition indoor exhibition area of 15000 square meters, there are 250 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions, including china. 2016 is the eighteenth session. This exhibition is Russia's only a glass industry professional exhibition, jointly sponsored by the Zao exhibition company and the Russian Association of architects, supported by the Italian GIMAV and Germany's VDMA Glass Association. The exhibition was awarded by the global Exhibition Association (UFI) certification and the Russian Federation Exhibition Fair (RUEF) certification. Each of the world's leading manufacturers have come to participate in the exhibition. In recent years, the rapid warming of the Russian construction market, the need for a large number of building materials, including glass, and high quality and low price of Chinese building decoration materials are welcome. Since the recovery of the Russian economy, the completion of industrial and commercial housing construction area reached square meters per year, respectively, and 90 million square meters. Most cities and towns to start the transformation of the old city and new house construction, glass, doors and windows and hardware parts of the import demand is very strong. China and Russia trade has a long history, with the normalization of bilateral trade order, including glass and doors and windows, China building materials are gradually established in the Russian market &ldquo; boutique &rdquo; image, export prospects are very good.
Since 2014, this exhibition will expand the scale of the exhibition, breaking the previous exhibition of Russian exhibitors and international exhibition hall of the model, unified in the 2 hall of 1, 2, 3, three Hall held.
Two, the contents of the exhibition:
Glass production line:In the manufacture of glass materials, glass melting technology, batch processing system, annealing furnace, flat glass, hollow glass, safety glass production line, automotive glass production and equipment, mould for glass production, glass and transportation equipment, vacuum system and compressor;
Glass processing equipment and technology:Flat glass cutting equipment, glass drilling equipment, glass grinding and polishing equipment, double glass window production and equipment, glass and hard technology, coating process and equipment, the surface and the edge of the processing technology, coated glass and glass frosted technology, sandblasting polishing technology, glass glass cooling technology, glass sculpture, glass enamel equipment, screens and thermal printing technology, glass decoration, glass paint equipment, glass cleaning equipment, glass deep processing equipment and spare parts;
Glass product:Flat glass, hollow glass, glass containers, automotive glass, glass doors and windows, glass curtain wall, adhesives, glass brick, refractory material, special glass, mirrors, glass furniture, color glass, electric heating window components, energy-saving glass.
Tools and auxiliary components:Diamond tools, cutting tools, grinding tools, glass drilling tools, glass play heavy tools, accessories, protective device, glass protective film, bonding techniques, sealants, fluid glass cutting technology.
Glass art: Art and decorative glass, stained glass, glass lamps, chandeliers, glass, glass vase, all kinds of glass ornaments; measurement, control and regulating equipment and software and glass manufacturing industry research and development.
Contact information
Details can be consulted: 0571-89938883.