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Oman international glass, doors and Windows and aluminum exhibition in 2016


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Exhibition name:Oman international glass, doors and Windows and aluminum exhibition in 2016
Opening date:May 16, 2016 Closing date:May 18, 2016
Exhibition city: Oman Muscat Exhibition venue:Oman International Convention and Exhibition Center(OIEC)
Host unit:Global exhibition conference Limited(GEC)
Undertaking unit:
Exhibition cycle:Once a year Exhibition type:International Exhibition
Exhibition description:
Chinese zuzhan: Beijing Li Expand International Exhibition Co. Ltd.
  Exhibition introduction:
  Windorex Glass&Aluminium Oman 2016 is a comprehensive exhibition of doors and windows, glass, curtain wall, aluminum profiles and sun protection system, which has created a platform for the industry to create a strong and sustained growth in the Middle East market.Windorex Glass&Aluminium Oman 2016 in the Gulf States, Oman turns to host the annual exhibition.
  Oman's political stability, social security is good, rich oil and gas reserves, the government of Oman by virtue of the revitalization of the petroleum industry, the economy has got bigger growth. According to the data of the Gulf Cooperation Council building, the Oman government expenditure is very high, in 2015 reached $367 billion, and is expected by 2020, will maintain an annual $518 million strong growth momentum, Oman has substantial improvements in infrastructure and expand the strength of the non oil economy.
  In recent years, Oman to change the excessive dependence on oil and gas industry in the economic structure of a single, comprehensive strategy to promote economic diversification, strong investment, efforts to develop infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics and other non oil and gas industry, encourage and support private enterprise especially small and medium-sized enterprises in infrastructure construction design play a greater role. Especially since June 2014, international oil prices continued to fall, the government of Oman make full use of fiscal, financial and other means to cope with them, persist in promoting Du Qom special economic zones and other major projects and infrastructure construction. In Oman government of the eighth five years plan, the annual government to invest in the construction project investment 77.68 billion annually for residential projects input $12 billion, put $42 billion to the expansion of the airport construction, put $3.1 billion to the road construction project, the construction of port investment 1.3 billion, utilities to invest $12 billion, compared with a five years plans to invest increased by 113%.
  In the next few years, with the increase in large-scale infrastructure projects to promote, Oman's infrastructure construction market and industrial demand will also be substantial growth. The IMF expects Oman 2014 and 2018, average annual economic growth rate of about 3.6%, standard & Poor's, Moody's, the major international rating agencies is in a new report from the basic maintenance of the Oman high, foreign currency sovereign credit rating. Oman as one of the most important countries in the Gulf region, infrastructure construction is in the ascendant, dear exhibitors, please with us together to explore the full of vigor and vitality of the market development of various construction machinery and products with strong demand.
  Exhibits content:
  Glass and related products: raw sheet glass and all kinds of deep processing of glass products, glass curtain wall, glass hardware, glass molds, glass molds and preparation of raw materials, adhesives, glass deep processing machinery and technology; cutting machine; washing machine; polishing machine; grinding machine; automatic assembly machine; bending forming machine; test system; insulating materials and other supplies; around the glass raw material.
  Doors and windows and related products: doors and windows products of various functional materials; doors and windows molding equipment and technology; doors and windows products raw materials; pneumatic system; security system; cutting machine; glue machine; automatic production line; communication tools; slider system; metal cover band; rolling doors; access control systems; detector; hardware accessories and shutter,, a hinge, a framework and other auxiliary materials.
  Aluminum products and related products: a variety of aluminum material and finished goods, insulation, adiabatic, broken bridge aluminum; aluminum extrusion molding and surface treatment equipment; foundry equipment; mould; coated mechanical; coating machine; lubrication equipment; automation control equipment; unloading equipment; packaging equipment; measuring equipment; broken equipment heat; aluminum extrusion process; curtain wall system; aluminum plating; aluminum-plastic composite board; exterior decoration solution; sandwich plate; defense equipment.
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