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Welcome to The Red glass machinery!

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  • Mobile:+86 13702535719
  • Fax:+86-0760-88701636
  • Email:zsbenhong@sina.com
  • Online : Click here to send a message to me
  • Address:6,Hongye road,Nantou
  • ZhongshanGuangdong province

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Company profile  Zhongshan Thered Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd. used to serve for glass processing enterprise equipment, through development and expansion step by step, it has grown to today's professional Glass Machinery Technology manufacturer. The company brings the in-dustry's outstanding professional and technical personnel togeth-er, possess strong R & D capabilities. We have a deep understan-ding of glass products business, the product development and s-ervices are always close to the the customer needs. We have been adhering to the principle of "Be anxious the customers' anxious, thought the custo-mers' thought" to guide and develop new products, and we have won the praise of customers, which is the driving force of our development.

  The main products of the company are intelligent, high-precision, automated glass deep processing equipment, including bilateral, straight edge, bevel,drilling, cleaning, grinding four sides and various connections and testing equipment. The accessories includes wheels, non-standard parts, standard parts, electrical appliances, timing belts, rubber parts and so on.

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