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 High speed cutting of glass machinery will be a new technology




  The high-speed cutting is representative of dry cutting, hard cutting and other new cutting process has shown a lot of advantages and strong vitality and become manufacturing technology to improve the machining efficiency and quality, reduce the cost of the main way.
  Therefore, it is a new task for the modern cutting technology to develop the new cutting technology, such as high speed cutting, to promote the development of manufacturing technology. Contemporary high-speed cutting is not cutting speed increase a little is needed on the basis of the all-round progress of manufacturing technology and further innovation, including the major progress in technology of NC machine tool, cutting tool material, coating, cutting tool structure, to achieve the cutting speed and feed rate doubled, in order to make manufacturing industry as a whole machining efficiency is significantly improved.
  The current high speed cutting the practical level, so that the cutting efficiency of the whole machine processing in our country increased by 1 to 2 times, narrow gap with the developed industrial countries, is cutting and tool technology professionals in the goals of the new century and facing great challenges in China.
  Hard cutting is a high speed cutting technology applications, single blade or multi blade cutter quenching hard parts, it than the traditional grinding effective rate high, flexible, simple process, less investment, etc. advantages, already produced good results in a number of application areas. In the automotive industry, using CBN tool to process 20CrMo5 hardened gear (60HRC) hole, instead of grinding, surface roughness can reach m; 0<22&mu, has become a new technology in the domestic and foreign automobile industry promotion.