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 Glass machinery industry has broad prospects

Source: China Glass Network  


In recent years, China's glass industry system, technological transformation projects to gradually increased, reforming enterprises increasingly accelerated pace, which will promote the domestic glass machinery market development.

Glass machinery market survey and analysis show that China's glass machinery from 2001 to 10% of the annual rate of increase, in 2003 has exceeded 4000 tons mark. From 2004 onwards within 5 years, the average annual will have 5 to 500 more than 10 tons of large and medium-sized float glass production line expansion, which will greatly boost the demand for glass machinery market. Accordingly, industry experts predict that in 2010 China's glass machinery market demand will exceed million tons, of which processing glass machinery market demand will increase steadily by an average of 14.79%.

In order to promote the development of glass machinery industry, China building glass and Industrial Glass Association of machinery and equipment professional committee in 2004 organizations within the industry experts and enterprises prepared jointly by common glass processing machinery industry standard ZBJ / hb000-2004, and in the implementation of the recommendation on May 1, 2004. In 2007, the association organized experts to develop the "glass machinery standard publication and implementation, and further promote the sustained and stable development of the industry of machinery of our country glass, and at the same time, improve the standardization level of glass machinery and equipment of our country and international competitiveness.

In the release of the implementation of the "glass machinery standard", there are cold working glass mechanical standard 8; hollow glass mechanical standard 7; flat / curved toughened glass mechanical standard 2; laminated glass mechanical standard 4. Implementation of the standard, not only to the production of Glass Machinery Association member units presents a unified technical requirements and to regulate the glass machinery design and manufacturing, to regulate the industry plays a positive role in promoting.

Entered in twenty-first Century, China's glass industry on the quality of high-grade float glass and glass of the safety, energy saving, environmental protection, fire protection, decoration and other requirements gradually increase, the glass market is also increasingly warming. In addition, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo venue construction, but also the rapid rise in the demand for processing glass market. All these reasons will greatly boost the development of China's processing glass machinery market.