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 Glass machinery accessories Industrial Park Planning





Industrial Park is an important spatial form of regional economic development, industrial adjustment and upgrading, and it is responsible for gathering innovative resources, nurturing new industries, promoting urbanization and building a series of important missions. A variety of specific forms of the park, including high and New Technology Industrial Development Zone, development zone, science and Technology Park, industrial zone, industrial base, characteristics of industrial parks, incubators, accelerators and the and recent country gradually raise the industrial town, science and technology, such as metro. For a long time, we focus on the development and operation of the park and other issues, to help local governments or real estate developers in the industrial development of the park on the issue of clear direction and focus. 



How to carry on the thorough analysis research to the existing regional industry from the angle of the glass machinery fittings industry chain, seeks the missing link and the key link? How to combine the regional industrial base and resource endowments, to carry out the localization of glass machinery accessories industry and industrial planning layout, choose the leading industries and pillar industries? How to form a breakthrough in the construction and operation management mode and mechanism of the glass machinery parts Park, and keep the healthy and sustainable development trend? How to correctly deal with the relationship between investment and innovation and entrepreneurship, to maintain the momentum of economic growth in the region? How around the glass machinery accessories Park production (enterprises) industry development needs to form the characteristics of the industrial service system? 



We have accumulated over the years of glass machinery fittings industry information; industry university research institute alliance formation rich enterprise resources and innovative resources; glass machinery fittings industry policy and development mode of in-depth analysis and research; practical experience in construction and operation management model; designed industry characteristics, strong executive ability team. Glass machinery accessories Park Planning Advisory mainly the following modules:



Analysis of glass machinery fittings industry: industry competitiveness research, project feasibility study, industry positioning research, industry chain map, market research; glass machinery fittings industry: planning industry overall development planning, project planning, project planning with the concept of industrial cluster, industrial planning, system planning, manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and modern service industry; glass machinery fittings: park construction and operation mode of development and construction design, design of input output system design, management and operation pattern design, organization system; glass machinery fittings: Park Park investment financing planning, investment policy design, investment strategy design, investment promotion activities planning; service system construction glass machinery accessories Park: Design, industrial policy system and service system Construction and operation of the construction of the value-added service system and so on.


《Glass machinery fittings industrial park planning positioning and investment strategy consulting report in a thorough market research based, mainly on the basis of the National Bureau of statistics, the State General Administration of customs, Ministry of Commerce, national Ministry of finance, development research center of the State Council, China Association of development zones, glass machinery fittings industry associations, national and overseas many related newspapers and magazines based information published and provided a large amount of information, of China glass machinery fittings industrial park development, development trend and existing problems are analyzed, the glass machinery fittings industrial park investment, investment and other aspects were discussed in depth. Report also overview of the development of China's Beijing, Guangdong and other places mainly glass machinery fittings industrial park, development strategy are analyzed, revealing glass machinery fittings industrial park development opportunities, and facing the glass machinery fittings industrial park in the international market competition and challenges. This report is rich in content, informative, is the glass machinery fittings industrial park development of glass machinery fittings industrial park related industries, business investment and the relevant units of the accurate understanding of the, grasp the glass machinery fittings industrial park development trend, develop market strategies essential boutique.